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Invention and innovation was much needed, especially with the climate change and the depletion of valuable Earth resources.

Meet The Team


Clifford Spilsbury

Research & Development Director

Cliff is the Co-Founder and Lead Engineer of the R&D at H2o Turbines Ltd.

Cliff has extensive experience in the development of carbon free technologies. In addition his goal of global reduction of fossil fuel usage and the Earth's natural resources.


Ian Dalziel

Managing Director

Ian is a founding member and shareholder of H2o Turbines Ltd.


Ian has vast experience in hydraulic engineering including electronics and pneumatics and has supported the Research & Development whilst maintaining investor relationships.


Debbie Dalziel

Financial Director / Company Secretary

Debbie is a founding member of H2o Turbines Ltd and is experienced in financial control and customer service.

Debbie undertakes all day to day financial and customer service obligations for H2oTurbines Ltd.

Tom Adams.jpg

Tom Adams

Head of Commerce

Tom joined H2oTurbines Ltd in the very early stages of the company to develop all commercial aspects of the business.

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