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Since the turn of the Millennium there has been no viable method of obtaining carbon free heat from wind.  Energy to heat, produced from wind turbines, was simply too expensive to be considered.  There were options, heat pumps, solar thermal or one of a number of carbon neutral solutions. However, none of these could provide 100% carbon free heat, even solar thermal requires an electric pump.

Invention and innovation was much needed, especially with the climate change and the depletion of valuable Earth resources.

By September 2016, H2o Turbines Ltd was formed with the specific aim to fulfil that void. H2o Turbines had already conducted a series of workshop tests that confirmed that hydraulics could be used in place of an electric operating system to generate heat.  A hydraulic system would allow the removal of electrical elements and therefore provide the generation of heat with just one mechanical conversion.

A British patent was submitted using the hydraulic operating system.  This unique system not only provided heat but was conducted with a near silent operation, so important for harvesters sited near to communities.

H2oTurbines Ltd was created to investigate the potential of the system.  It soon became clear that the operational requirement for a heat generating harvester was quite different to an electrical producer.  All attempts at using off the shelf electrical turbine components failed.  To satisfy the requirements of the hydraulic operating system we would have to build most components.

By 2018 a full scale working prototype was constructed at a test site in Nantwich, Cheshire.  It most certainly was not a wind turbine, it was also not a wind pump.  It has proved to be a combination of both technologies with significant alterations. 

The University of Chester's Science and Technology campus is based at Thornton Science Park, Ince, Chester.  H2o Turbines Ltd moved the Research and Development programme to Thornton Science Park in September 2018.  This gave access to the expertise and superb facilities of a University that works closely with innovative SMEs to advance the sustainable products of the future.  This has given H2o Turbines Ltd a great opportunity to forge partnerships with other SMEs within the Science Park and the surrounding region that shares the vision.

Research and Development progress continues, mainly based around our 3kw-9kw Vertical Axis Turbine design test rigs.  Innovate UK grants have been applied for, as the scope of our work is in line with Innovate UKs grand challenge in regard to Low Carbon Heating and cooling.

A significant demand is, however, for larger Utility machines of 1-3MW.  Development work has commenced with several partners contributing subcomponents for these HWAT systems.

There are clearly defined markets for all of our systems, the smaller ones can be used in conjunction with the existing configuration of heat pumps.  This can provide an active source of heat which reduces the high use of electrical consumption of the heat pump.

Larger systems will be able to provide district heating and cooling, Biogas, ethanol production processes or carbon-free desalination.

Innovation and invention continue as we develop sustainable building practices, low carbon foundations, recyclable and repairable components in line with the circular economies needed for the future.

OUR Employees

Managing Director

Ian Dalziel

Ian is a founding member and shareholder of H2o Turbines Ltd.
Ian has vast experience in hydraulic engineering including electronics and pneumatics and has supported the Research & Development whilst maintaining investor relationships.

Research & Development Director

Cliff Spilsbury

Cliff is the Co-Founder and Lead Engineer of the R&D at H2o Turbines Ltd.

Cliff has extensive experiance in the devlopment of carbon free technologies. In addition his goal of global reduction of fossil fuel usage and the Earth's natural resources.

Financial Director / Company Secretary

Debbie Dalziel

Debbie is a founding member of H2o Turbines Ltd and is experienced in financial control and customer service.

Debbie undertakes all day to day financial and customer service obligations for H2oTurbines Ltd.

Head of Commerce

Tom Adams

Tom joined H2oTurbines Ltd in the very early stages of the company to develop all commercial aspects of the business.