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We Have Achieved ISO 9001!

After 2 years of research and development, H2o Turbines limited acknowledged the need to not only have a World class offering of carbon free heat. The tremendous strides the company have taken with the development needed to be matched with World class management systems and procedures.

Working with QMS International’s UK office they set out to obtain the ISO 9001 award. The task was made all that easier because of Financial Director Debbie Dalziel and Head of Commerce Tom Adams’s vast experience in procedures and management protocols.

The company was audited on February 19th 2020 and passed all necessary compliance with the International standard.

On behalf of QMS Christian West (CMIOSH), gave the following quote “H2o Turbines Ltd have just been awarded the ISO 9001 certification, for Quality Management. This provides customers and other interested parties with assurance that they have process in place to manage efficiency and on time delivers, so that customers receive consistent, good quality products and services.

The organisation’s management team showed exceptional commitment throughout the assessment phase of the certification process. Christian West, Consultant at QMS, commented “Their product, although only in the R&D stages, is clearly the result of exceptional hard work and a high level of commitment from the management team”.

In order to demonstrate compliance and reach international standards of best-practice, the organisation’s management team worked proactively, ensuring that all highlighted improvements were effectively implemented, in a swift timeframe. Christian recalled “Tom & Debbie were very professional throughout the process and were a delight to work with, I am confident that they will utilise the process of continual improvement to continue enhancing their product to meet their customers’ needs, while also considering advancing, modern technologies."

Tom Adams also commented “ Working alongside Debbie during this process assisted the company to implement what we see as a crucial step on the road to success for us both domestically and Internationally. QMS proved to be an exceptional partner in support and technical advice which enabled us to complete the process in a timely manner.”

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